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Lamata  (Whitebird, a place with not much snow) Foaled in 2007, Lamata is one of my “keepers,” but if you appreciate her gentleness, intelligence, and extraordinary movement as much as I do, I might part with her.  A very exceptional girl.   $3,500 Click on any image for a full-size view.


Toyam (“Peak”) Foaled in 2006, this amazing gelding will take you to the top.  Tall, athletic, extremely intelligent and extraordinarily confident and friendly, Toyam is a fabulous jumping, eventing, or endurance prospect. Currently in training under saddle. $3,500 Click on any image for a full-size view.


Katoska (Ka-TOS-ka,  “I’m Excellent”) A stunner from the day she was born, this exceptional dark bay filly has everything: charisma, refinement, a dark liquid eye in a beautiful head, perfect dark feet, size, substance, and beautiful movement.  She combines the best of both parents.  Ye’emes’ offspring are always impressive, and Katoska is the best of … Continue reading »


Foaled in 2009, Selim is Tewisin’s younger brother and has the same fine qualities. Perfect feet and legs, a nice balanced conformation, big intelligent eyes, size and substance, this nice colt will be a great athlete. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2008, this colt is more than flashy color. He’s an ideal version of the endurance-type Nez Perce horse; lean and flat-muscled, with low, straight, efficient movement, excellent feet and legs. Continue reading »