Paxam (Pach-AHM) “War Dance”

Foaled in 2004, Paxam is a stunning representative of Nez Perce breeding. A shimmering bay standing 15.2, Paxam is ¾ Akhal Teke, one of the last progeny of the fabulous purebred metallic gold Akhal Teke stallion Pazyryck, out of a Melechan mare.

Tough but refined, powerful but elegant, extremely charismatic, his movement is perfectly straight and balanced, animated, and flowing. He has an extraordinarily beautiful head, is beautifully proportioned with hard and well-formed feet and a flowing mane and tail, and the litheness and flexibility typical of Akhal Tekes. Independent-minded, he’s still calm and easy-going, cooperative, and willing to learn.

Started under saddle in 2006 and ridden lightly, he’s scheduled to resume training later this summer. He has passed his intelligence and refinement to three crops of foals at Dreamer Horse Farm.

This horse is a fabulous prospect, with show-ring elegance and the substance and athleticism to excel as an endurance or sport horse.


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