Foaled in 2008, this colt is more than flashy color. He’s an ideal version of the endurance-type Nez Perce horse; lean and flat-muscled, with low, straight, efficient movement, excellent feet and legs. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2003, and raised on Nez Perce rangelands until 2007, Cayokam is a solid horse with hard perfect feet and fabulous bone. He’s thrifty and tireless, with a balanced build, wonderful movement, and nice Appy color. Currently in training under saddle, Cayokam has trail and arena experience and would make an exceptional trail, endurance, or eventing mount. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2004, Paxam is a stunning representative of Nez Perce breeding. A shimmering bay standing 15.2, Paxam is ¾ Akhal Teke, one of the last progeny of the fabulous purebred metallic gold Akhal Teke stallion Pazyryck, out of a Melechan mare.

Tough but refined, powerful but elegant, extremely charismatic, his movement is perfectly straight and balanced, animated, and flowing. Continue reading »