Dreamer Horse Farm


Foaled in 2008, this colt is more than flashy color. He’s an ideal version of the endurance-type Nez Perce horse; lean and flat-muscled, with low, straight, efficient movement, excellent feet and legs. Continue reading »


Born in 2008, this nice filly is elegant—glossy, dark, and solid with a pretty head—balanced and athletic, she’s a fine all-around prospect. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2008, Sayqica is a breed ideal of beauty, intelligence, and athleticism. A great prospect in any discipline, or a very desirable addition to a breeding program. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2007, this brilliant filly has intelligence, personality, refinement, and show-stealing color. Hatya is an exceptional junior mount, but substantial and energetic enough for a smaller adult. Her dam is now a successful youth hunter-jumper. Currently in training. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2007, this beautiful red bay filly has true all-around potential, with the conformation, energy, intelligence, and elegance to go in any direction. Continue reading »