Dreamer Horse Farm


Qacano (Ka-tsa-NO, “Courageous”) Foaled in April 2011, this fine colt has everything: color, conformation, size, along with his dam’s extra-confident and friendly disposition.  If no one grabs him, he may well mature into our next herd stallion. $1,500 Click on any image for a full-size view.


Katoska (Ka-TOS-ka,  “I’m Excellent”) A stunner from the day she was born, this exceptional dark bay filly has everything: charisma, refinement, a dark liquid eye in a beautiful head, perfect dark feet, size, substance, and beautiful movement.  She combines the best of both parents.  Ye’emes’ offspring are always impressive, and Katoska is the best of … Continue reading »


Foaled in 2009, Ace is a pretty bright bay by Paxam and out of our Appaloosa mare, Kooskia. He has his sire’s gentle disposition and intelligence. This would be a great little colt to start and train. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2009, this bay colt is as nice as his siblings (Ahska and Teqin), and maybe nicer. A wide chest, round and compact built, great balance, agility, and forward movement. Continue reading »


Foaled in 2009, Selim is Tewisin’s younger brother and has the same fine qualities. Perfect feet and legs, a nice balanced conformation, big intelligent eyes, size and substance, this nice colt will be a great athlete. Continue reading »